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Becoming a Successful Freelance Translator- The Health Aspect

What do you usually find online when you research about becoming a successful freelance translator? Well, there’s many answers to this question. However, to summarize them, they will always tell you about the business aspect of the profession. In this case, you will only get tips, online ideas, and just general information of what to do to set you off.healthy freelancer

Some of these tips are the fact that you need to do or have the following: an email address or a website, take time to market yourself, sign up for translation sites for example, Translators’ Café among others, get and distribute business cards to market yourself to family and friends, network with other translators, sign up for job alerts from translation sites or other sites, write a good CV and many more.

Although the above tips are very important and they form the backbone of starting your freelance business, the missing aspect is the health aspect. Once you have implemented the above ideas and you have begun getting jobs, the nature of the business is that, sometimes there will be just a few projects that you can handle comfortably while at times there will be a lot of projects for you to do. More often you will find yourself wanting to do nearly everything to make up for the times you’d just be idling waiting for projects. This is where the trouble lies.

How then do you need to manage your time so that you are healthy enough for this profession or any other that engages your brain so much while you are seated?  The human brain works better with intervals of rest and movements. This means that you will need to move and get enough rest especially when you are working so that you are healthy enough to deliver the best on your projects.

It is best practice to rest at least for 10 minutes after sitting for 50 minutes. This means that inside an hour, one should work for 50 minutes and rest at least 10 minutes. During this 10 minute resting period it is advisable that you move around. For example, you can take a 10 minute walk, climb the stairs, do squats, jog a little, or do simple house chores. In addition to this, one should work for at least 3 hours and rest for 2 hours. For example, if you start at 8 AM, you can work until 8:50 AM and resume at 9:05 AM, break at 9:55AM resume at 10:10 AM then break at 11:00 AM for a two hour rest to resume at 1:00 PM.

During the 2 hour rest you can do the following: balance exercises, being in nature, yoga, run short distances, dance or even sleep. The brain not only works better with rest and movement but also with a good balanced diet. Be sure to include foods that are good for your brain like: fruits and green, leafy vegetables e.g. celery, broccoli, yoghurt, nuts, deep-water fish e.g. salmon, avocados, egg yolks, coconut oil, turmeric, rosemary, walnuts and blueberries.

All the best in your freelance career.

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