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GTL interpreters are competent professionals in various environments namely: industry compliance audits, legal proceedings, conferences, meetings, phone calls  surveys, market research,  health care interactions, customer experience, focus groups and many more. These experts are adequately bilungually trained to ensure they are conversant with vocabularies in their specific fields. They are also fluent in their native languages and have all the skills necessary to communicate perfectly across cultures and adapt to challenging situations.

Our rates depend on location, duration of the event, language and specific requirements of the job. Our interepreters are available to accompany or even assist you as soon as required. Contact us now to assign an interpreter for you immediately. 

On Site Interpretation: GTL has competent and highly-skilled interpreters who are ready to accompany you to various events including: compliance audits, meetings, conferences, court proceedings and many more occasions across the globe. We have a team of experienced interpreters who are able to adapt quickly to different situations and interpret instantly. 

Telephonic Interpretation: Do you  need an over the telephone interpreter or are you already on site and realize that you need an interpreter? Worry not. Simply Contact us and we will assign a qualified interpreter right away.

Video Interpretation: You can get a video interpreter to communicate your message to your audience anywhere fast. Simply contact us.

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